Strategic Meetings

Why are we talking about strategic meetings?

About strategic meeting programs?

Shouldn’t ALL meetings be strategic?

Shouldn’t ALL meetings be part of the bigger plan?

Shouldn’t all meetings consider ROI?

Why are we creating programs, plans, etc. when it should be STANDARD to consider strategy, cost, etc.?

Probably because we have neglected meetings and their importance for ever, we now need to create programs to remedy this. And guess what? It is going to cost money to run the program!
Meetings need the recognition we have always believed they should have. Meetings have ALWAYS had a cost (and a rather large one considering how badly most companies manage meetings) associated with them. Historically meetings have been set up without due consideration in many instances because management do not actually have a direct view of the cost.

Consider the cost of a 1 hour meeting:
– room hire (yes the room could have been put to better use…)
– 7 attendees at an average cost of, for example, £40 per hour = £270
And now consider that the meeting was really just a waste of every ones time and there is no mechanism in place to ensure that the outputs are managed either….What a waste of money! And time! And meeting room resource! And this is happening daily, weekly, monthly around the world.
Meetings need to be planned, they need a terms of reference. Why are you holding a meeting? Who needs to attend? Why do they need to attend? What value will they add? Have you spent time planning the meeting? Is there really a need to hold a meeting?

A well planned meeting must have:
– a terms of reference ( which will ensure there is a good reason for holding the meeting)
– a well thought out agenda
– attendees who can add value (and won’t spend an hour tapping away on their mobile phones…)
– a structured approach to the outputs / actions and how to manage and drive these forward
– continuity
– an audit trail
Next time you arrange a meeting, stop and consider the above points. Ensure you are adding value and not costing money.

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