Time Management – Best Practice


Organiz© Time Management Best Practice

Time Management is solely & purely about habits and about communication

Managing your time is = being effective


Time Management applies to every single moment of your day, at work and at home. In business and in leisure. Whether you are a stay at home mom, or the CEO of a large corporate organization. It is all in the PLANNING.

The problem is we plan to do too much. We set ourselves up for failure before […]

Strategic Meetings


Why are we talking about strategic meetings?

About strategic meeting programs?

Shouldn’t ALL meetings be strategic?

Shouldn’t ALL meetings be part of the bigger plan?

Shouldn’t all meetings consider ROI?

Why are we creating programs, plans, etc. when it should be STANDARD to consider strategy, cost, etc.?

Probably because we have neglected meetings and their importance for ever, we now need to create programs to remedy this. And guess what? It is going to […]

Effective Meeting Management




Invest in managing your meetings more effectively

 A meeting without an OBJECTIVE and an outcome is really just a gathering and probably waste of everyone’s time. If you are struggling with the purpose and outcome, reconsider.


In the words of Benjamin Franklin: ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’

Meeting Details

Give your meeting a meaningful name. Something that will let the attendees know what meeting they are being invited to […]

How to Ensure You Hold an Effective Meeting


Make your meetings much more effective by managing them well through using the correct tools and by good planning.

Meetings are expensive, make them effective through good planning

Research shows that 15% of an organisations collective time is spent in meetings – a percentage that has increased every year since 2008

Harvard Business Review May 2014 

On overage office workers spend 3 hours a day in meetings

GoTo Meeting […]

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